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    Planctonite MiniBot150 Protein Skimmer with Built in Cup Cleaner

    Planctonite, a Spanish aquarium equipment manufacturer, has slowly been rolling out unique hand made products. Seen across their line are simple, but practical designs–as is the case with the Planctonite MiniBot 150 protein skimmer. The MiniBot 150  has taken the increasingly popular, small footprint skimmer route; placing the AquaBee needlewheel pump inside the skimmer body. […]

    MRC IS-2492-W Industrial Protein Skimmer

    In the past, RK2 protein skimmers were the standard for industrial applications. Utilizing a large Mazzei venturi injector, the pumps relied upon high pressure pumps to inject air into the body. Turbulence was prevalent, bubble size was not optimal, but contact time was immense. The RK2 rocket skimmer design does work, but with the advent […]

    ATB New Collection Cup With Extended Neck

    Since the initial installation of the ATB External Small Cone Skimmer I have been required to reduce the air intake slightly to prevent overflowing and/or extremely wet skimming. ATB and myself are  not completely certain why this is. The feed  is roughly 200gph via MJ1200, but the air intake is elevated at 850-950lph. That increase […]

    ATI Bubble Master | The skimmer that changed the online hobby?

    Aquarist and blogger Keith Thornhill recently purchased an ATI Bubble Master 200 skimmer for his new rimless AGE build. (If you have not checked out his blog, I encourage you to do so.) When looking at his high resolution photos, I began thinking about the effect this skimmer has made. A little over 2 years […]