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    Win a New 100GPD Puratek RODI unit by Vertex Aquaristik!

    Vertex Aquaristik has just released their new line of a Puratek RODI water filtration units. The first model available is capable of 100GPD and retails @ $300. Some features include: Quiet & efficient booster pump Easy to read oil filled pressure gauge Built in TDS-out meter with a automatic back flush system  Clear canisters Back […]

    Zeovit Giveaway Prize Goes to… Joe!

    Congrats to Joe (pusanpa), the winner of our Zeovit giveaway. He was randomly selected via a random number generator  and has won (1) 500ml bottle of Coral Snow and (1) Nano pack size of Spongepower, compliments of Proline Aquatics and Glassbox Design.  Thank you to all the participants, it was great to see such a nice turn out. […]

    Zeovit Giveaway, Who Likes Free Reef Stuff? (BUMP)

    BUMP – Just a reminder, the giveaway ends March 7th! One of the best aspects of this hobby is giving back, whether it be pay it forward coral frags or free reef stuff. With the large jump in readership, we are happy to offer you the first of many giveaways for 2009. This year’s first […]

    Universal Skim Cleans now available + more Aqua Driver products on the way

    Proline Aquatics and AquaDriver have made a revamp in their US distribution of Aqua Driver’s Skim clean. Originally the Skim Clean was only sold in the US for Royal Exclusiv’s line of  Bubble King skimmers. However, in the EU the Skim Clean could be purchased universally for any skimmer provided an appropriate fit. It appears […]