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    Rare and Beautiful | Prognathodes marcellae

    The Marcella Butterfly (Prognathodes marcellae) is a beautiful fish hailing from the waters of Western Africa. This species shares many characteristics with its Prognathodes brethren, namely the caricature like elongated dorsal spines, pointed mouth, and eye stripe. In fact, excluding coloration, P.marcellae is meristcally indistinguishable from its eastern cognates, the Bank Butterfly (P. aya) and […]

    Prognathodes Madness on LiveAquaria

    Last night Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria team had an impressive selection of Prognathodes butterfly fish in their Diver’s Den WYSIWG section, covering the entire Atlantic–from Florida, to Brazil to Africa. Here’s a few photos that we grabbed for the Chaetodontidae lovers who missed out. Prognathodes aya is found throughout the caribbean–this pair was actually […]