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    The Official Description of Prognathodes basabei

      This past September Richard Pyle and Randall Kosaki published the official description of the deepwater Prognathodes basabei. Best of all it’s free to read and some great pictures of this Butterfly can be seen. Sidebar: Prognathodes remain one of my favorite group of fish. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a variety of species […]

    Two Inches of Orange Margined Beauty

    A handful of special fish have been collected over summer, but this tiny Orange Margined Butterflyfish (Prognathodes basabei) takes the adorable prize. Collected in the deep waters of Hawaii, this little one was destined for Japan upon entering Rufus Kimura’s net. To no surprise it is headed to Koji Wada’s Blue Harbor in Osaka. Over […]

    440ft Dive Finds the Illusive Prognathodes basabei, Ballparked at $6K

    For years divers and ichthyologists have been seeking the Hawaiian endemic, Orange Margin Butterflyfish known as Prognathodes basabei. This fish was first seen and collected in May of 1998 when Pyle collected three specimens on two different dives in Hawaii. Since then the illusive fish has been difficult to spot, despite frequent 400ft+ dives in […]