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    Rare Fish Round Up : Prognathodes aya

    Prognathodes aya Just one Prognathodes in my reef? Never. This Bank Butterflyfish (Prognathodes aya) is doing well in quarantine and will be added to the tank shortly. Hat tip to Kevin Kohen & LiveAquaria for continuing to get in the rare, odd and unusual. Prognathodes aya is a deepwater butterflyfish from the Western Atlantic. Despite […]

    Banks in, Declivis Out of The Glassbox

    Sometimes mixing fish does not work as planned, and when this happens its important to have a back up plan. As I mentioned last month, after a year of cohabitation and friendliness with one another our Chaetodon declivis and Roaops hybrid had a serious falling out. After removing the Declivis for one week it was […]

    Suspected Banks x Guyanensis Hybrid Butterflyfish Collected in Florida

    Just last week a striking fish was collected that blurred the lines of the Prognathodes genus. Some may suspect that this fish is just a variant of the rare Prognathodes guyanensis, but others, including myself, believe this fish to be a hybrid of P. guyanensis and P. aya. It is a very difficult call, and […]

    Prognathodes Madness on LiveAquaria

    Last night Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria team had an impressive selection of Prognathodes butterfly fish in their Diver’s Den WYSIWG section, covering the entire Atlantic–from Florida, to Brazil to Africa. Here’s a few photos that we grabbed for the Chaetodontidae lovers who missed out. Prognathodes aya is found throughout the caribbean–this pair was actually […]

    Prognathodes guyanensis Collected in FL, Shown Off at House of Fins

    Rare fish nuts and Chaetodon fans will be happy to hear that Prognathodes guyanensis has recently been collected along with a handful of Bank’s Butterflyfish (Prognathodes aya). These deepwater Caribbean / Atlantic species typically get sent to Japan where they retail for $500 to over $1,500 USD. This time they are staying in the US […]