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    Fresh Screen Shot of the New Profilux Touch

    Here’s an updated look at the GHL Profilux Touch accessory that will be unveiled at MACNA. Still no official details, but we know that since it will be interfacing with the Profilux Aquatic Bus (PAB), the Touch will sadly not be wireless. There’s also no word if this is actually the production model. If it is […]

    New Profilux Touch to be Unveiled at MACNA

    Say hello to the new Profilux Touch. A yet to be released touchscreen interface for the Profilux line of controllers. With the rocketing popularity of touch screen devices, it was only a matter of time until an aquarium company integrated this into their controller line up–the Profilux Touch will be one of the first. We […]

    Vortech Wireless Control Coming to Profilux in September

    Profilux users have been one of the most vocal supporters of 3rd Party Control of their beloved Vortech Pumps. Now they can sleep well–this September GHL’s Vortech Controller for the Profilux 3 will become available. The new Profilux Vortech interface will allow wireless control of up to 11 Vortech Pumps. This functionality will only be […]

    Profilux Doser Maintenance : Cleaning Pump Heads

    I’ve been using the Profilux standalone doser for just over 6 months now which means it’s time for some pump cleaning. In the time the unit has been in operation, the Profilux standalone doser has worked extremely well–the only mark against it has been an infrequent noise. Roughly one month ago a single pump began creating […]

    First Photos of Profilux III Released

    The Profilux III has been existed in conversation and on paper, but for the first time we can see the physical product with our eyes.  There’s not much to say at this point outside of the manufacturer specs. Some feature highlights include: Dosing Pump control 1-10v dimming control DALI dimming control Tunze, Aqua Illumination, TMC […]

    Mixing and Dosing Fauna Marin Balling Salts with Profilux Doser

    Now that our reef, the glassbox, is back up and running with corals and fish it was time to remix some Fauna Marin Balling Solutions and dial them in with the Profilux Dosing Pump. For those unfamiliar with the Balling Method, take a look at this article which explains what it is intended to do […]