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    GBD Review | Calibration of Profilux Standalone Doser

    GBD’s Profilux Standalone Doser review has been underway over the past couple weeks. Currently we are using the Standalone Doser to pump 3ml of calcium and alkalinity solution 20 times a day, for a total of 60ml of each solution being added over a 24hr period. Balling Salts and Trace Elements from Fauna Marin will […]

    Profilux Stand Alone Dosing Pump Review to Come

    We received our 4-pump Profilux Standalone Dosing Pump unit this week, and will be reviewing the unit as I automize the Balling Light Method on the glassbox. At the moment I plan on individually dose the following components: Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and VSV. In the future the magnesium will be dropped as it is so […]

    Profilux | Stand Alone Dosing Pumps

    A major add-on to the GHL – Profilux line is the multi dosing pumps, but in order to operate them you needed a full Profilux controller system. For those who do not want a full controller, and just some pumps for top off, balling method, etc. now you can.    Profilux has integrated a stand […]