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    Feeding Finicky Eaters, A Trick for Angels and Butterflyfish

    Minute by minute, we grow with anticipation during the acclimation process. Maybe immediately after releasing the fish to its new home—or for the truly patient, the next day—we add prepared food in hopes that the new animal eats with vigor. We expect hope the fish takes to the offered food, but step back for a moment […]

    New Study Highlights Captive Breeding of Angelfish

    A new study published in June’s Aquaculture Research shines light on the captive breeding of Pomacanthids. Specifically the Koran Angelfish (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) detailing the first spawning of the species observed in captivity and subsequent rearing attempts with different feeds. Although the longest the larvae lasts was 17 days, it shows the importance of food size […]