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    Planctonite’s Skimmer Fan & Tetra’s Patent

    Planctonite’s new BOT skimmer is pretty interesting. Think Berlin Triple Pass meets Seaclone, but a hell of a lot better. The skimmer uses a fan blade, dubbed the Dynamo, that is powered by the output of your normal Pinwheel fitted skimmer pump. This creates a cyclone effect within the reaction chamber. It’s a novel idea. […]

    Planctonite Finds North America Distributor in Aquarium Specialty

    Planctonite, the not-so-long-ago near unknown Spanish equipment manufacturer that we first shared with you in November, now has distributorship in the States. GBD sponsor Aquarium Specialty has picked up the Spanish line and will be the official North American distributor. Some products like the Mini Bot Protein Skimmer or the Abyss Submersible Mini Cam are […]

    Planctonite Sweeper 2.0 Coming in February, Special Models for ATB!

    We’ve been bitting our tongues on this one, but yesterday the Barca based aquarium manufacturer Planctonite broke the news by tweeting that their new Sweeper 2.0 “self cleaning head” system will become available in Februrary. You may remember the much more raw version we showed you weeks back, on the Planctonite Minibot protein skimmer. The new […]

    Planctonite Calcium Reactors and “Floyd” Media Reactor

    More simple reefing gear from the spanish outfit Planctonite. I really like the absence of stickers and clutter, as shown here with their Floyd Media Reactor. Cast acrylic, white acrylic caps and schedule 80 pipping—this uncomplicated reactor runs for €130 or $195 USD. Their CARX.120 is a recirculating calcium reactor, reminiscent of Elos and early […]

    Planctonite MiniBot150 Protein Skimmer with Built in Cup Cleaner

    Planctonite, a Spanish aquarium equipment manufacturer, has slowly been rolling out unique hand made products. Seen across their line are simple, but practical designs–as is the case with the Planctonite MiniBot 150 protein skimmer. The MiniBot 150  has taken the increasingly popular, small footprint skimmer route; placing the AquaBee needlewheel pump inside the skimmer body. […]