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    HD Camera Captures Pieter 6m’s Stunning Curved Glass Reef

    Pieter van Suijlekom is better known in the reefing world as Pieter Six Meter for his stunning 1,500 gallon, 6 meter curved glass display tank. This aquarium was constructed using 2 sheets of 12mm glass that were bent in a large oven separately and then bonded using a special resin. This labor intensive process is […]

    Pieter van Suijlekom’s Non-Photosynthetic Creation in HD Video

    Back in December of ’08 we shared with you photos of Pieter van Suijlekom’s then-new non-photosynthetic reef. This 500L (132g) deepwater themed aquarium has since matured with a variety of notoriously difficult azooxanthellate species such as Scleronephthya sp. and Dendronephthya sp.. Just as impressive as the corals themselves is the visible food densities in the […]