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    Acropora Eating Snails En Masse

    Back in April we shared the tentatively identified snail Aesopus spiculus that has been plaguing Asian SPS keepers with its taste for Acropora corals. The snails, from the Columbellidae shell family, feed on Acropora corals and have an affinity for soft skinned species, or what or hobby commonly labels deepwater. Our friend Hideki Mukai encountered […]

    Ciliates, The Next Acropora Pest?

    Ciliates, known for their hair-like cilia exterior, are everwhere in ponds, lakes, the soil and even the ocean. Most aquarists know of at least one species, Cryptocaryon irritans or Marine Ich, but now other ciliates may get an equally bad rep with aquarists . A recent article written by Dr. Shashank Keshavmurthy,  describes a likely link […]

    Got AES? Acropora Eating Snails Unwelcome in SPS Reefs

    An Acropora Eating Snail plucked out of Hideki Mukai’s SPS reef. SPS keepers in Asia are begining to face a new Acropora eating pest that has been tentatively identified as Aesopus spiculus. This small snail is part of the Dove Shell family Columbellidae and can be found in the waters of Southern Japan and the Indo-Pacific. The markings are […]