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    Amazing Marine Crabs & Shrimp in HD

    Crabs are often ignored by aquarists and/or labeled carnivores (read: snail killers); this amazing video from famua provides ample evidence why these crustaceans should not be crossed off any list. With a bit of research and good husbandry these animals can add diversity and interest to any tank If you’re looking for something more delicate, […]

    Heliofungia Commensal Shrimp

    Periclimenes kororensis is a rarely seen commensal shrimp that lives among the swaying tentacles of Heliofungia sp., commonly known as Plate Corals. Two of these shrimp recently made their way to LiveAquaria, where I had the opportunity to photograph them. Not much is known about their care, but it is expected that they have requirements […]