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    ORA Mandarin Gobies in HD

    ORA Mandarin Gobies were on full display at MACNA 2010. Dustin Dorton and the ORA crew proudly boasted their baby Mandarins that were quite fond of Nutramar Ova (Prawn Eggs). Both the Splendids (Synchiropus splendidus) and Spotted (Synchiropus picturatus) were shown in a nice, low flow mandarin dominated habitat. Interestingly ORA is already beginning to […]

    ORA Spotted Mandarins Take Down Nutramar Ova in New Video

    ORA recently shared this video of their tiny captive raise Spotted Mandarin Gobies taking down a large piece of frozen Nutramar Ova. ORA Mandarins do eat prepared foods, but don’t expect these tiny juveniles to take to them as readily as ORA’s equally popular clowns. It should go without saying–these Mandarins, and all new additions, […]

    ORA Captive Raised Spotted Mandarins Roll Out

    Summer is here, and while most of you are ignoring your aquariums during these warm months, Synchiropus fans can finally stop waiting. ORA Mandarin Gobies are officially here! Yes, ORA has annouced the release of their first batch of captive raised (100% aquacultured) Spotted Mandarins (Synchiropus picturatus). As expected, these just over 1″ beauties will […]

    ORA to Release Captive Bred Mandarins in 2010

    Building on the past success and knowledge of Julian Sprung, Wolfgang Mai and Matt Wittenrich, ORA has announced the commercial availability of the Mandarin Goby–both the Blue Splendid (Synchiropus splendidus) and Target Mandarin (Synchiropus picturatus) will be offered for sale. The once near impossible to keep fish has been successfully captive bred en masse and […]