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    Price Drops 20% on NP BioPellets

    NP BioPellets originator, Reef Interests / DVH Imports has reduced pricing on their pellet product by 20%, with the same drop trickling down to aquarists. This is a brave move considering the Euro’s recent rapid descent, but we’re not complaining. A less expensive price makes for a happy reefer. Previously 500ml and 1,000mL of NP […]

    Increased Lipids in NP Biopellet Batch Killing Skimmers in EU & Asia

    Left: the original NP BioPellets Right: The mistakenly high lipid content pellet NP BioPellets is offering free product replacements for customers who have mistakenly received a different biopellet version that contains an increased “lipids”. These fatty acids are shutting down skimmers for aquarists that have used them–a potentially serious issue when biomass export is required […]

    NpX Bio Beads, Denitrification Pellets with an X ?

    NpX Bio Beads are a new name, but are apparently not a new product. Canada based Oceanic Corals is now sourcing these denitrification beads from a “trusted manufacturer”. They openly state, “NpX Bio-Beads are produced by the identical manufacturer as the “other” European brand”. It’s not a real secret what these beads are or that […]

    NP Bio Pellets, A New Carbon Dosing Method

    Our newest sponsor Aquarium Specialty has joined the GBD team with bang. This past week they announced that they are now the exclusive North American distributor of Reef Interests’ NP Bio Pellets. Some may remember we shared this innovative new carbon dosing method with you back in August, since that time interest in this pelletized carbon […]