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    Michael Lukaczyn’s Stunning Azoox Reef

    When it comes to color, shape and texture, Michael Lukaczyn’s azooxanthellate (non-photosynthetic) rimless reef aquarium competes with the best. This simple, well aquscaped, 50g glassbox houses animals that were once considered impossible to keep. Today we believe Mike’s tank will inspire new modern spins on non-photosynthetic reef displays. Tank Specs: Cadights Artisan series 50 gallon […]

    Pieter van Suijlekom’s Non-Photosynthetic Creation in HD Video

    Back in December of ’08 we shared with you photos of Pieter van Suijlekom’s then-new non-photosynthetic reef. This 500L (132g) deepwater themed aquarium has since matured with a variety of notoriously difficult azooxanthellate species such as Scleronephthya sp. and Dendronephthya sp.. Just as impressive as the corals themselves is the visible food densities in the […]

    Non-Photosynthetic Diodogorgia on Video

    Is Azoox the new Acro? Non-photosynthetic reef tanks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to improved filtration and new feeds. Check out these videos of Diodogorgia noduliferia, the commonly available yellow and red knobby gorgonian. You wont see polyp extension shown here in most tanks, thanks to target feeding of cyclops and rotifers. Azooxanthellae Project: Diodogorgia […]

    Pieter van Suijlekom’s Non-Photosynthetic Reef

    Pieter is best known by aquarists for his beautiful 6m curved glass reef. It was February 2006’s Tank of the Month and pushed the bar even higher for large reef aquariums. This aquarium and the one I am about to show you is located in Vlaardingen just south of Holland. If you have never been to […]