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    Deepsea Footage of Macropinna microstoma by MBARI

    Photo by MBARI This bizarre fish,¬†Macropinna microstoma, has recently risen to the top of internet popularity. The two green dots within the head of this fish are the lenses to the eyes, which are surrounded by a clear fluid that protects them. This species was first discovered in 1939, however at that time it was […]

    Patents 101 | Foreign Manufacturing, Licensing, & Claims

    Aquarist and Intellectual Patent Attorney, Mike Clifford, sat down again with GBD to go over the basics of Patents and help answer some questions and rumors that have been passing around in regards to the Orbitec v PFO case. For any attorney time is money, and we thank Mike for taking the time to help […]

    EcoTech Marine Releasing New Products…No More Algae on your Glass?

    EcoTech Marine’s Vortech line of pumps may just be the first of many exciting releases from the PA based company. Although they are forced to non-disclosure agreements, new products are on their way this year. According to reports, one of these releases will a modified Vortech pump that will be marketed to the Spa industry […]

    Is it that bad? Man Steals Shark & Uses Stolen CC on Eel at LFS!

    A 30 year old man from Franklin Square, N.Y. has been charged with grand and petit larceny after stealing a live $350 Shark and using a stolen credit card to purchase an eel at Total Aquarium in Lynbrook NY. The thief does have some skills, he managed to smuggle a live shark out of the […]