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    Illegal and Trendy Japanese Corals, Yay or Nay?

    The image below was provided to my by Mr. Koji Wada, showing a beautiful aquarium in Japan dominated by Rhizotruchus, Dendrophylia, and Balanophyllia corals. These corals are legal in Japan, but illegal to export. Note, that not all beautiful flabellids are from Japan–however certain species like Rhizotrochus typus are not permitted by CITES making them illegal […]

    Reef News – Caribbean worsens, Sex change in Fungiids, 9yo blogger inspires, 10 steps to save the reef, Carnivorous tunicate…

    Photo by ThinkP. Creative Commons License. Reef related links from around the net. Enjoy and feel free to share your own via comments below. Fish numbers drop in Caribbean after reefs take a beating. The Lionfish are not helping. Fungia repanda and Ctenactis echinata show interesting sex change survival tactics in 3 year study performed by Israeli and […]

    Update from the LED Legal Battle, PFO Still Fighting?

    Since news broke about the pending Orbital Technologies “Orbitec” v PFO case there has been a considerable amount of misinformation being spread across the internet. Despite what you may have read, LEDs are still an option for aquariums and the patent does not encompass the basic application of LEDs to marine aquariums. Last month we received an […]

    Genicanthus personatus hits Japan at Sangodo

    We heard from a few divers that some masked angel hunting was likely to occur and now Sangodo, a local fish store in Japan, just this past Friday posted a female Genicanthus personatus for sale. (Update: some are saying this fish was bycatch. It was not collected by the usual group of deepwater HI divers.) This […]

    Profilux Rolling Out New Additions

    Matthias Gross and the GHL/Profilux team have been busy over the past year conjuring up new additions to push the Profilux Controller into new territory. The first new addition is a simple, but nice feature–a waterproof outdoor grade controller. The Profulux II Outdoor will be available this April in a new waterproof housing and a water protected […]

    Coral Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 Issue – New Site, Aquascape Contest, No T5s?

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and read the January/February  2009 issue of Coral Magazine. (If you are not subscribed to Coral, I strongly suggest it. I would not hesitate to say that Coral is one of the top reef publications–both in print and online.) In typical Coral/Koralle fashion, this recent issue is […]