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    Brightwell NeoMarine Salt Sparks Debate

      Brightwell Aquatics new NeoMarine salt is sparking debate among aquarists. Not over the quality or animal response, but over the companies description of the salt mix. Brightwell’s NeoMarine literature states that tested numbers are spot on to natural sea water parameters (NSW). This of course has been said before, but what has most up […]

    Reef News | Neo Marine Salt, Acanthophyllia deshayesiana, Fish Eats Watch, Bleeker Award, Chalice Corals, JSL Petition

    Eye Candy: Stunning male Cirrhilabrus roseafascia Brightwell Aquatics launches Neo-Marine, a new synthetic sea salt aimed at the ULNS reef crowd with natural saltwater parameters. Expect to see Neo-Marine at retailers near the 15th of this  month.   Fleshy LPS coral now identified as Acanthophyllia deshayesiana. Similar to Scolymia spp. and  Cynaria spp. these meaty corals from Indonesia and Australia are […]