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    Up Close With The Hydor Slim Skim

    The Hydor Slim Skim and Hydor Slim Skim Nano were on full display this past weekend at Backer. The column-like skimmers utilize a modified Ario pump to inject fine bubbles directly into the skimmer, with low velocity. The open Ario pinwheel design is also quite efficient. The Slim Skim sips just 6.5w while the Nano […]

    Giesemann IQ Rimless Nano: Looks Good, Priced High

    Giesemann has recently launched their IQ Nano aquarium, aimed at the freshwater plated and nano-reef crowd. The tank itself measure in at 400 x 400 x 400mm (16.74″) holding roughly 17 gallons (65 liters) of water. The IQ features a built in overflow and return, both of which are drilled through the bottom and can […]

    Finnex 4g Pico Reef – $50 For Great Biotope Potential

    Finnex has rolled out a little pico / nano reef kit for $50. It includes a small rounded corner 4g rimless aquarium, mini hang on the back filter and a clip on light. The light is a standard screw in CFL lamp, but at the base are two blue LED moonlights. At $50 it’s inexpensive […]

    5 High Performance Hang on the Back Skimmers

    Hang on the back skimmers (HOB) are a plug and play option for many nano to mid size saltwater aquariums. Unfortunately this skimmer niche is flooded with poor performing models. Here are 5 skimmers that are sure to perform with or without a sump. 5 Great ‘HOB’ Skimmers 1. ATB Multi Cone Skimmer Powered by […]

    The Remarkable Pico Reef of Marcello

    We’ve featured a variety of aquariums here at Glassbox Design, but never one quite like this. This small reef has been getting some attention lately and understandably so. At 6.6 gallons and 24″ long it’s an impressive feat to keep corals alive, keeping Acroporas is an entirely different level. Marcello maintains this reef via a chiller, […]