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    MRC HDPE Sumps Are Industrial And Upmarket

    Without a doubt, My Reef Creations ‘MRC’ is best known for their acrylic work. Some may also be aware of their Polypropylene sumps, but few have ever seen their HDPE models. Here’s a first look. The benefit of HDPE is that it’s tough stuff. Chemically, it is ozone and UV safe, while physically it can […]

    MRC Adds Triple Cone Washdown System to Orca Pro III Skimmer

    Typically reserved for their larger Industrial Sized Skimmers, MRC has added their triple cone washdown system to their popular and powerful Orca Pro III skimmer. The wash down system relies on its own dedicated external pump and MRC’s slick LCD timer to provide intermittent spray downs for the collection cup and neck. MACNA 2010 attendees […]

    MRC IS 2460 W Skimmer Eats Venturis For Breakfast

    My Reef Creation’s (MRC) Commercial Line of skimmers are a much welcomed addition to the world of supersized foam fractionation. For public and commerical sized aquaria there are a very limited number of options. Those that are available are typically outdated in design–relying on large pressure rated pumps to drive massive venturi injectors. Yes, we’re […]