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    MOFIB Releases New 2010 Officer Positions

    The Marine Ornamental Fish and Invertebrate Breeder Association (MOFIB), has the potential to be one of the most important organizations for our hobby. It’s also one of the most political–a seemingly common feature of non-profits. The MOFIB Board of Directors sent us a note last night with the upcoming officer and committee positions. This comes […]

    MOFIB Board of Directors Voting Starts Today

    Starting¬†right-now¬†(12:01 AM EDT) until July 4th voting will be open for MOFIB‘s Board of Directors (BOD). For those unfamiliar with MOFIB, it stands for Marine Ornamental Fish & Invert Breeders and hosts the preeminent online forum on captive breeding of marine species. We at GBD strongly believe aquaculture and grass root, hobbyist level breeding is […]