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    Coral Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 Issue – New Site, Aquascape Contest, No T5s?

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to sit down and read the January/February  2009 issue of Coral Magazine. (If you are not subscribed to Coral, I strongly suggest it. I would not hesitate to say that Coral is one of the top reef publications–both in print and online.) In typical Coral/Koralle fashion, this recent issue is […]

    Gifts from Blue Harbor Aquarium Factory in Japan – 2009 Calendar

    Angelfish afficionado John Coppolino recently made his way back home from his trip to Japan, but before leaving Koji Wada, owner of Blue Harbor Aquarium, passed along a little gift for myself–Blue Harbor’s 2009 Calendar and a copy of the Winter 2008 Issue of Marine Aquarist magazine. In Japan, Blue Harbor’s calendar is popular for the […]

    New Japanese Magazine, Interior Aquarium Focuses on Design

    click images to enlarge About a month or two ago, a good friend stopped in Tokyo, Japan while on a trip and was kind enough to bring me back some Japanese Aquarium & Design magazines. (While there he tried to go to Natural, one of the top LFS in Japan, but they were not yet […]