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    ORA Mandarin Gobies in HD

    ORA Mandarin Gobies were on full display at MACNA 2010. Dustin Dorton and the ORA crew proudly boasted their baby Mandarins that were quite fond of Nutramar Ova (Prawn Eggs). Both the Splendids (Synchiropus splendidus) and Spotted (Synchiropus picturatus) were shown in a nice, low flow mandarin dominated habitat. Interestingly ORA is already beginning to […]

    Florida Fish and Wildlife was Invited to MACNA, Rightfully So?

    While some vendors were not so professional, others welcomed the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) place at MACNA 2010. In case you have yet to hear, a Lieutenant Brown was in attendance at this past MACNA representing the FWC.  Lt. Brown was speaking with vendors about their livestock, specifically where it originated from. While […]

    Up Close with the Vortech MP60

    The Vortech MP60 was undoubtedly one of the most exciting new products at MACNA 2010. This super-sized pump is aimed at the large tank market, but after seeing, hearing and touching this pump in action I think many MP40 owners, such as myself, will at least try and upgrade. Yes, with a cost of $695 […]

    MACNA 2010 Was…

    MACNA has quickly come to a close. The annual event draws aquarists from all over the world and is a conference that I believe any serious aquarists should attend at least once. You do not necessarily go for the education, or the hobbyist driven tradeshow, or the receptions. Rather you go to meet aquarists from different backgrounds […]

    AI Wave Is An Extendable PAR Monster

    Who would have thought such unassuming tubes could pack the PAR? These new 12″ AI Wave LED tubulars bars were hitting 100 µmol/sec/m2(PAR) on this 15 g aquarium. [UPDATE: The AI Wave has since been renamed to the befitting AI Flare]. Each 12″ AI Flare packs 5 Cree XP LEDs, with whites boasting the latest […]

    A Look at the New Profilux Touch

    The Profilux Touch made its first public appearance yesterday at the kick off of MACNA 2010. The Touch that GHL has on display is still very much a prototype, with functionality limited to two buttons. That said, the touch screen interface is a promising way to quickly adjust controls on the Profilux III (P3) controller. […]