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    Ushio 4w MR16 LED Spotlight

    One light many people didn’t see at MACNA was Ushio’s new Synergy MR16 LED spotlight. These tiny lamps pack 3 Seoul Semi Conductor LEDs into a tiny MR16 package that consumes just 4w. The Ushio Synergy MR16 LED light is aimed at the retail and architectual lighting industries, but the lighting gurus / Ushio reps […]

    IceCap’s New Reef Illumination Fixtures Sport Halides or T5s with LED Supplement

    Chris Conti, Steven Pro and the IceCap crew unveiled their new Reef Illumination line of lighting fixtures at MACNA. The core of the Reef Illuminations fixtures come in two traditional styles: A hybrid of Metal Halide + T5 or pure T5s. IceCap has also included some unique T5 LED tubes in both the MH and […]

    MACNA XXI : Photos Galore

    We’ve got a bit more MACNA info and images to roll out in the near future, but here’s some eye candy for those who were not able to attend. For those who have never been to MACNA it is a cardinal sin hopefully it will you give you an idea of the event. Better than […]

    MACNA XXI : New Deltec TC & SC Skimmers

    For the first time in North America, Deltec showed off their new TC and SC line of skimmers that feature a bundle of new Deltec features–namely the OEM AquaBee / Deltec 5000 Deltec Pump, enlarged neck and air silencer. The external TC line is unique in that it recirculates in a chamber directly below the […]

    MACNA XXI : Nano Custom’s Japanese Style LED Spotlight

    For me, one of the most exciting products at MACNA was Nano Custom’s PAR38 LED lamp. These lamps screw into your standard E26 household socket, but unlike traditional spotlights the Nano Customs PAR 38 unit is powered by 5 CREE XR-E LEDs driven at ~750mA for roughly 15w of electric consumption. For the first time […]

    MACNA XXI : ORA Shows Off Sustainable Beauties

    One of the prevalent themes we found at this years MACNA was sustainability within the saltwater and reef aquarium hobby. ORA has been singing this tune for some time, but have continued to adapt to market demands for new species. The ORA Platinum Perculas got plenty of attention at MACNA. They have been released for […]