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    Lotilia Cinema: YouTube’s Best Graciliosa Clips

    Lotilia graciliosa is one of the most diminutive, yet exciting new fish imports of 2010. For those continuing to lust over the few specimens trickeling around the globe, enjoy this barrage of YouTube clips from Japanese speaking aquarists and divers. Can anyone confirm the species of shrimp seen in the above video? H/T to Mike […]

    Lotilia graciliosa Hits the U.S. via Greenwich Aquaria

    Lotilia graciliosa from last year at B-Box Japan For what is believed to be the first time , the Whitecap Goby (Lotilia graciliosa) has entered the U.S. marine ornamental trade, landing at Greenwich Aquaria. As expected, the specimen is tiny! Just 3/4″, and is expected to retail for $900. When rarely available, these fish retail […]

    The Enchanting Whitecap Goby, Lotilia graciliosa

    If you’ve inquired about the Whitecap Goby Lotilia graciliosa, odds are you’ve been told it’s unavailable. Here is some hope–a few landed in Japan last month, but there is some confusion as to where exactly they came from. Some Japanese aquarists are saying Cebu? A few collectors in Cebu have been collecting some very unique […]