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    Aquascaping the glassbox

    Everything is still settling in to the glassbox and updates will be postponed for a while until corals color back up. In the mean time here’s a peak at the current liverock layout with some of my own ramblings on aquascaping.  The liverock used here is 25 pounds of Premium’s Cured Bali Alor and it is […]

    $1 Million Underwater Liverock Heist

    via flickr : cc : nat tarbox Florida Keys law enforcement officers are investigating a $1 million dollar heist of diamonds aquacultured liverock from Neal Novak’s designated aquafarm, 3miles off of Islamorada. The total weight is estimated to be 300,000 pounds. With a wholesale price of $3/lb  this may be the most valuable aquarium related underwater […]