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    Heliofungia Commensal Shrimp

    Periclimenes kororensis is a rarely seen commensal shrimp that lives among the swaying tentacles of Heliofungia sp., commonly known as Plate Corals. Two of these shrimp recently made their way to LiveAquaria, where I had the opportunity to photograph them. Not much is known about their care, but it is expected that they have requirements […]

    GBD Visits LiveAquaria, Part 3 – Rare Fish Galore

    For rare fish enthusiasts, LiveAquaria is pure fantasy. These are just a few of the fish currently at the facility, most of which are available on Diver’s Den or will soon be made available. First up we have a video, showing off a few of the “Diver’s Den holding tanks”… keep an eye out for […]

    GBD Visits LiveAquaria – Part 2, Office Reef Tanks

    Everyday we can enjoy the eye-candy that LiveAquaria provides in their Diver’s Den section. What we aren’t privy to is the beautiful aquariums that reside in Kevin Kohen’s office. Here he has some amazing animals spread throughout a mixed reef, SPS reef, ¬†and nano reef. In addition to these aquariums, the Amphiprion mccullochi rearing tank […]

    GBD Visits LiveAquaria- Part 1, The Facility

    This past weekend I took a long drive up to Rhinelander, Wisconsin–the home of Dr. Foster & Smith and more importantly for us aquarists, ¬†LiveAquaria.com. The six hour drive had me filled with anticipation and excitement to see what amazing animals Kevin and the LiveAquaria team had in store. Many of you probably know Kevin […]

    Prognathodes Madness on LiveAquaria

    Last night Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria team had an impressive selection of Prognathodes butterfly fish in their Diver’s Den WYSIWG section, covering the entire Atlantic–from Florida, to Brazil to Africa. Here’s a few photos that we grabbed for the Chaetodontidae lovers who missed out. Prognathodes aya is found throughout the caribbean–this pair was actually […]

    MACNA XXI : LiveAquaria’s Display, a Rare Fish Dream

    In typical fashion, Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria.com crew bought an impressive line up of fish and corals to their MACNA displays. Back from Atlanta (MACNA 2008) was the three tiered zero edge system featuring a plethora of captive of corals and some striking fish such as a harem of 1.5″ Multicolor Angelfish (Centropyge multicolor), […]