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    ‘My favorite ocean animal is a little fish with orange polka-dots and a large yellow head’

    As I browsed LiveAquaria this morning I was surprised to see this rarity still available. Yes, I am talking about that $6,000 three inch fish that only the 1% of the 1%, that are actually fish nerds, could justify splurging on. But so far in Amercia it’s not happening. When I got word from Japan […]

    LiveAquaria’s New Captive Grown Super Blue Tenuis is BLUE

    You’re looking at LiveAquaria’s upcoming May captive grown coral–the LA Super Blue Tenuis. Grown out from a colony originally collected in the waters of Australia, this super blue Acropora tenuis has lived up to its name–coloring up tremendously in captivity. We expect to see the first captive grown frags hit Diver’s Den on May 3rd. […]

    LiveAquaria to Release Aquacultured Peacock Feather Acropora latistella in February

    Following up from their Real Deal Echinata, our friends at LiveAquaria will be releasing a new Dr. Foster and Smith aquacultured coral next month called the Peacock Feather Acropora. The broodstock of the Peacock Acro (Acropora latistella) was originally acquired from an Australian colony that was grown out and propagated. I got a glimpse of […]

    Holiday Giveaway from GBD and LiveAquaria

    I’d like to thank our readers for a tremendous year here at GBD. It has been great writing, interacting and meeting so many new people, all whom share the same passion and love for aquariums. In light of the holiday season and 2009 coming to a wrap, ¬†we’re offering a giveaway that hopefully will appeal […]

    Amphiprion mccullochi from LiveAquaria in HD Video

    When it comes to rare fish, Amphiprion mccullochi is a great example of sustainability within the trade. The fish shown in this video are actually first generation captive raised specimens from Ryan’s Reef in Australia. They were then grown out and paired up by Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria crew. Today they spawn like clockwork, […]

    Suspected Banks x Guyanensis Hybrid Butterflyfish Collected in Florida

    Just last week a striking fish was collected that blurred the lines of the Prognathodes genus. Some may suspect that this fish is just a variant of the rare Prognathodes guyanensis, but others, including myself, believe this fish to be a hybrid of P. guyanensis and P. aya. It is a very difficult call, and […]