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    Eco-friendly Plasma Lighting Technology Reaches Aquariums

    For the first time plasma lighting technology is being experimented with over reef aquariums. These tiny tic-tac sized lamps tout up to 140 lumens per watt, making it arguably the most efficient aquarium light source sans natural sunlight. To get you up to speed on the technology, take a moment and watch this brief video […]

    Aquaperfekt Photon Lighting from Germany: Classic, Linea and Plus

    The Aqua Photon line is a rarely discussed aquarium lighting line.  These German made aluminum fixtures come in Metal Halide (Classic), T5 (Linea),  and T5+MH (Plus) technology in a myriad of combinations. I’ll admit the look of them is a bit “corporate” and bulbous, but they feature simple and clean lines with quality components. They are also […]

    Orbital Technologies Hurting PFO and Aquarium Industry – Are LEDs Even an Option?

    As we were informed at MACNA by PFO Lighting, there has been an ongoing patent war between PFO and Orbital Technologies on the application of LED lighting for aquariums. Orbitec has had no prior business interest in aquariums, in fact most of their work is around aerospace research–check out their website here. In the actual law […]