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    USFWS Seizes 326 Seahorses For Improper Paperwork

    Australian news outlets are reporting that a man’s shipment of live Seahorses which originated from Australia and destined for a Florida wholesaler have been confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife Service, after an Australian customs agent failed to include the number of seahorses being shipped. In total, 326 seahorses worth an estimated $3,600 USD are […]

    $1 Million Underwater Liverock Heist

    via flickr : cc : nat tarbox Florida Keys law enforcement officers are investigating a $1 million dollar heist of diamonds aquacultured liverock from Neal Novak’s designated aquafarm, 3miles off of Islamorada. The total weight is estimated to be 300,000 pounds. With a wholesale price of $3/lb  this may be the most valuable aquarium related underwater […]

    PFO Bankruptcy Means LED Legal Battle is Over

    Creative Commons: HAO Due to PFOs bankruptcy which precluded the summary judgement, the LED aquarium legal battle is now over. The PFO v Orbitec case has been dismissed. To prevent the rumor mill from churning more than it already has, the official court documents are attached below. It is unfortunate to see an industry heavy weight […]

    Illegal and Trendy Japanese Corals, Yay or Nay?

    The image below was provided to my by Mr. Koji Wada, showing a beautiful aquarium in Japan dominated by Rhizotruchus, Dendrophylia, and Balanophyllia corals. These corals are legal in Japan, but illegal to export. Note, that not all beautiful flabellids are from Japan–however certain species like Rhizotrochus typus are not permitted by CITES making them illegal […]

    Update from the LED Legal Battle, PFO Still Fighting?

    Since news broke about the pending Orbital Technologies “Orbitec” v PFO case there has been a considerable amount of misinformation being spread across the internet. Despite what you may have read, LEDs are still an option for aquariums and the patent does not encompass the basic application of LEDs to marine aquariums. Last month we received an […]

    Patents 101 | Does DIY Infringe?

    We brought our intellectual property expert Mike Clifford back in for the last installment of Patents 101 and I think you’ll be a bit surprised on what qualifies as infringement. In fact many LED aquarium users are infringing right now without even knowing it… that is if the Orbitec LED patent withstands.   Although this […]