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    Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED Tubes Replace T8 Fluorescents

    Cheer up England, you may have just had your worst World Cup exit, as predicted by an Octopus, but on the brighter side of things you you can now replace your old T8s with Arcadia’s Eco-Aqua LED tubes. Okay, maybe that’s not much solace, but you’re crazy is you sack Capello. If he couldn’t do […]

    Vertex Lumina LED Review Surfaces, Ignites Optics Debate

    Yesterday evening, we received a link from long time reader The Dog Father, which directed us towards a new review of the Vertex Lumina LED light. You can find the document which cites its authors as ┬áJ. Behzad and A. Schneider here [PDF]. Note that the file is hosted by Vertex–the hosting of the file […]

    Ecoxotic Sunparks it with Par38 LED Spotlight

    Ecoxotic has just released information on their new PAR38 LED spotlight. Less the black finish, the light appears identical to the household Sunpark PAR38 LED lamp and the NanoCustoms PAR38 LED spotlight that we’ve previously reviewed. It comes as no surprise that the light also draws 21w and uses Cree LEDs (most likely XR-Es). The […]

    New ReefRay Coral Shine LED Pendant from Japan

    ReefRay’s Coral Shine is the latest LED aquarium light to hit Japan. The small pendant fires light from 18 Cree XR-E LEDs drawing 3w each for a total of 54w, plus driver losses. The units come in three standard color temperatures using cool white and royal blue LEDs: 100% White, 50W/50B and 100% Blue. Custom […]

    New AI Wave: XP Based LED Light Bars

    Take a look at Aqua Illumination’s newest, yet to be named AI WAVE LED lighting solution. Based on the Cree XP-E and first in class XP-G, these AI tubes will provide one of the most energy efficient lighting options available for marine aquarists. The lights are said to be driven at ~350mA, taking advantage of […]

    Revolutionary Cree XM LED Blasts 160 Lumens / Watt

    Cree has announced their new ‘revolutionary’ Xlamp XM LED that delivers a lighting-class efficiency record of 160 lumens per watt when driver at 350mA (1w per LED). Just as impressive, the Cree XM LED rips out 750 lumens from a single chip when driven at 2A, for just under 7 watts of total electric consumption. […]