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    Cree Boosts Output on XP-E Royal Blue & Blue LEDs

    Today Cree announced the commercial availability of its highest binned colored XP-E and XP-C LEDs. The most notable increase for aquarists comes from the Royal Blue XP-E which received a 75mw increase, from 425mW to 500mW. In addition the XP-E Blue LEDs received a bump from 30.6 lumens at 350mA to 39.8. Press release below: DURHAM, N.C., […]

    Elos Upates Online Lighting Portfolio

    Elos USA has updated their fresh website with high resolution photos and full details of their entire 2010 LED line up–including their dreamy E-Lite Color and sleek AquaTop. This is the most creative and elegant LED lighting line to hit the market. Check it out at ELOS USA.

    Ecoxotic’s Curvilinear Aquarium Light Patent

    On June 8, 2010 an unassuming patent was issued to Dennis Fredricks for a “Curvilinear Aquarium Light”. The claim in the patent is for an “ornamental design for a curvilinear aquarium light, as shown and described.”  The idea is simple, but potentially extremely helpful when performing tank maintenance. The light is described as an “aquarium light […]

    AI Wave Is An Extendable PAR Monster

    Who would have thought such unassuming tubes could pack the PAR? These new 12″ AI Wave LED tubulars bars were hitting 100 µmol/sec/m2(PAR) on this 15 g aquarium. [UPDATE: The AI Wave has since been renamed to the befitting AI Flare]. Each 12″ AI Flare packs 5 Cree XP LEDs, with whites boasting the latest […]

    Aqua Illumination (AI) LEDs Get Royal Blue Treatment

    Aqua Illumination has announced they will be adding a new AI Sol Super Blue color option their best-in-class LED light. As we showed you in our initial Aqua Illumination LED Review, the first models came equipped with two Cree XP-G Cool Whites for every one Cree XP-E Blue, for a 2w : 1b color combination. […]

    First User Video of the Vertex Illumina SR 1200 LED Light

    The new Vertex LED light has changed its name from the Lumina to the Illumina, but the internals and design have stayed the same. Check out this new video from Glassboxer TheDogFather, of the light in action–simulating a variety of control options. This is one of the first production units to hit consumers hands, however, […]