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    New Grassy LeDio 27 LED Spotlight from Volx Japan

    Volx Japan has added to their LED spotlight line with the new Grassy LeDio 27 LED spot. As the name implies this model packs 27 watts distributed to 9, 3w LEDs. Compared to other models on the market, the LEDs are much closer together, meaning the 60 degree optics ought to blend the light better […]

    NanoCustoms Working on MR16 LED Spotlights

    NanoCustom’s is said to be in ‘mid-stage development’ on a new MR16 LED spotlight that looks like will be made by the same  OEM manufacturer that makes their PAR38 LED spotlights. Chris of NanoTuners has stated the MR16 light will feature 3 Cree XP family LEDs into a triple optic and available in an estimated […]

    ORA Red Planet Gets LED Treatment, Will it Grow Under a 3w Blue LED?

    As more and more data is released on LED aquarium lights there are still many who strongly believe they cannot grow SPS corals. On paper there should not be a problem, but for some the numbers are not enough. While not a true test, I was curious myself to see what type of coral growth would […]

    Hands on with Philips’ New Ambient LED Spotlight

    Recently Philips rolled out their own line of Ambient LED indoor lighting. These bulbs are screw in lamps are for indoor use, intended to replace less energy efficient incandescents and CFLs. Despite a poor kelvin rating of 4,000K I went ahead and picked one up to test over the glassbox–In some cases warm toned lights […]

    Hands on with Nano Customs PAR38 LED Spotlight

    Last week we received samples of the new and much talked about  PAR38 LED spotlights from Nanocustoms. The lights we received for review are new, as the production models have increased output (and electric consumption) than the prototypes we first saw at MACNA. These new spotlights are said to pull 21w (6w more than the […]

    GE’s New Twist on LED Lighting Keeps Us Hopeful

    Today GE has unveiled a new market-ready drop in LED module that was developed with the help of California based Journee Lighting. With just a twist this new LED module is connected to the fixture both electrically and thermally. This offers the advantage of easy replacement both in the short term, allowing different intensities and […]