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    ScubaBoard $10M Lawsuit Sparks Online Free Speech Debate

    Think you can say what you want, where you want online? Website operators and forum members may want to think again. The popular online dive hang out, ScubaBoard.com has been slapped with a lawsuit stemming from comments made by its members towards a dive operator in the Maldives. The operator, Maldives Scuba Diving Pvt, Ltd. […]

    Update from the LED Legal Battle, PFO Still Fighting?

    Since news broke about the pending Orbital Technologies “Orbitec” v PFO case there has been a considerable amount of misinformation being spread across the internet. Despite what you may have read, LEDs are still an option for aquariums and the patent does not encompass the basic application of LEDs to marine aquariums. Last month we received an […]

    Patents 101 | Does DIY Infringe?

    We brought our intellectual property expert Mike Clifford back in for the last installment of Patents 101 and I think you’ll be a bit surprised on what qualifies as infringement. In fact many LED aquarium users are infringing right now without even knowing it… that is if the Orbitec LED patent withstands.   Although this […]

    Patents 101 | Foreign Manufacturing, Licensing, & Claims

    Aquarist and Intellectual Patent Attorney, Mike Clifford, sat down again with GBD to go over the basics of Patents and help answer some questions and rumors that have been passing around in regards to the Orbitec v PFO case. For any attorney time is money, and we thank Mike for taking the time to help […]

    Patents 101 | Benefits, Faults, & Recourse

    With the current PFO v Orbitec Patent hoopla, there has been a lot of misinformation being spread as to what patents actually do and the effect they can have in the industry. To shine light and better educated us on this matter, Mike Clifford will be doing a short series on patents so that we […]

    Orbitec President Releases Statement in Response to Negative Press on PFO Lawsuit

    The President of Orbital Technologies, Tom Crabb, has released a statement on their site in regards to the negative press they have been getting for their lawsuit against PFO and the vague patent on LED lighting for marine aquariums. To get caught up to speed on Orbitec v PFO, click here.  Below is an excerpt […]