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    KZ’s New ZeoStart 3 and Bio Mate Supplements

    A mock up of KZ’s new ZeoStart 3 Korallen Zucht, makers of the popular bacterioplankton ZEOvit system have two new reef related products coming out. ZEOStart3 will be making its way into the Basic 4 line up, as an update to the previous ZeoStart2 organic carbon source. ZeoStart ¬†is added to fuel bacterial growth within […]

    KZ’s New Recirculating Revolution Cone Skimmers

    Korallen Zucht (“KZ”), makers of Zeovit, has shown their new in-sump recirculating skimmer design for their colorful Revolution Cone Skimmer line. The design pulls water from the base of the skimmer through the lockline tubing, while also drawing water through the sump–first passing through a prefilter (the blue container, lower right). Water is then pumped […]

    Korallen Zucht’s New Coral Light Super Blue T5 Lamp

    Korallen Zucht, makers of ZEOvit, have come out with their new Coral Light Super Blue T5 lamp to be paired with their popular New Generation Coral Light and Fiji Purple bulbs. The new KZ Super Blue is a 20K look in a T5 fluorescent–available in 24, 39, 54 and 80w. Expected prices are to range […]

    New Photos of Korallen Zucht ZEOvit Show Tank

    A few months back I began working on a lengthy ULNS / bacterioplankton article covering everything from Zooxanthellae to ZEOvit to VSV. In writing this article I received a lot of help ¬†sourcing images. Two men, Alexander Girz and Krzysztof Tryc, were extremely helpful and generous in sharing their stunning photo library. A full tank […]

    Korallen Zucht Hang On Cone Skimmer Gets A Facelift

    Korallen Zucht has given their old REVOLUTION mini hang on the back cone skimmer design a facelift. The older version was significantly smaller and driven by a true venturi injector, shooting an air / water mixture into a small bubble plate before entering the cone body. This updated model looks to be using a different […]

    Zeovit Giveaway, Who Likes Free Reef Stuff? (BUMP)

    BUMP – Just a reminder, the giveaway ends March 7th! One of the best aspects of this hobby is giving back, whether it be pay it forward coral frags or free reef stuff. With the large jump in readership, we are happy to offer you the first of many giveaways for 2009. This year’s first […]