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    Japan’s Marine Aquarist No.53 an International Affair

    A few months back I mentioned Kiyoshi Endoh’s upcoming issue of Marine Aquarist, No.53, that would feature a bit of Glassbox Design. After some shipping mishaps I’ve finally go my own hard copy–hopefully the lost issues will end up in the hands of an aquarist! In 2009 I was asked by Kiyoshi to write an […]

    Angelfishes of the World

    Kiyoshi Endoh’s eye candy filled book Angelfishes of the World is a must have for fish enthusiasts and angelfish lovers. The individual fish descriptions provided in the book may not be the most complete, but you will be hard pressed to find a single source with more information and photos on some of the most […]

    Marine Aquarist Magazine No. 53 – Autumn 2009

    Kiyoshi Endoh, Editor of Marine Aquarist Magazine, has released the 53rd issue of the magzine for Autumn of 2009. Much like other advanced magazine Marine Aquarist is released quarterly. In this issue many of the top Japanese Aquariums are profiled, a few of which we have already shown you; such as Anagonbe’s beautifully coralscaped reef […]