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    Amazing Reefs on Instagram: 2016 Edition

    I may not write as much these days, but I’m still involved in the hobby and generally keeping tabs on the industry. Recently Instagram has been my reef-voyeur medium of choice. Thankfully there are some incredible aquariums that get shared on the social media platform. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular […]

    Juvi Personatus Grows Up Quick in Japanese SPS Reef

    Remember that tiny juvenile Genicanthus personatus that was collected back in 2010 by Rufus Kimura? Fast forward to this video taken at the start of this month, and you can see that baby has grown into a meaty Genicanthus in a maturing SPS reef. It’s unfortunate that two of the three Bandit Angels in this […]

    Japanese Aquarist Has Success with Obligate Corallivore Butterflyfish

    Obligate coral feeding butterflyfish, like Chaetodon larvatus or C. ornatissimus, are a pipe dream for most. Their beautiful patterns and colors scream for attention, but sadly their dietary needs are rarely met. Because of their stony coral diet, the mortality rate of these obligate corallivores in captivity is near 100%. That is why you should […]

    HD Video of a Japanese LFS Acropora Display

    Lately when I think of Japanese SPS Reefs, I imagine smooth skinned “deepwater” acros and angelfish. These HD clips are just another reason why. This aquarium is a retail display for ¬†Freewater,¬†a Japanese LFS with a bad habit of carrying some great fish and corals that are unobtainable to most outside of Japan. This second […]

    5 Reasons NOT to Buy “Japanese” Corals

    Recently livestock retailers have begun using the J word again–“Japanese”. In this industry if you add Japanese, Australian or Deepwater before any animal, a premium pricetag is married to the name. Very rarely do these animals live up their marketing description and in some cases that’s a good thing, because they may put someone behind bars. If you see a coral labeled as Japanese, outside of Japan, be wary. Here’s why

    Stunning Japanese Aquariums From CP Farm

    Most of you have probably stumbled across at least one of these images–these beautiful aquariums set up by CP Farm Japan continue to provide inspiration to aquarists around the world for their vibrant colors and balanced aquascapes. I’d also add that I believe these aquariums have largely influenced the popularity of Apogon and Zoramia species.It […]