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    The Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid Craze Pt. 2

    This a continuation on purported “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthids“. See Part 1 here. “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid” Photos by David Hammontree Dr. Riemer’s information on the widespread range of these Zoanthus sansibaricus polyps combined with a little logic and legwork with USFWS  provides ample evidence why the overwhelming majority of these zoanthids are not from Japan. Why? Exporting live coral […]

    5 Reasons NOT to Buy “Japanese” Corals

    Recently livestock retailers have begun using the J word again–“Japanese”. In this industry if you add Japanese, Australian or Deepwater before any animal, a premium pricetag is married to the name. Very rarely do these animals live up their marketing description and in some cases that’s a good thing, because they may put someone behind bars. If you see a coral labeled as Japanese, outside of Japan, be wary. Here’s why