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    New BioPellet Reactor by LSS & Reef Octopus

    The latest aquarium product garnering attention in Japan is this BioPellet Reactor design from LSS Laboratory and Reef Octopus. We first saw an early version of of this reactor weeks back with the initial model or prototype in a black color black and featuring a twist on and off top. The reactor has since taken a color change and […]

    Yasuhiro’s Blue Lagoon, The Tank that Started it All

    October is here and the “Reefing Season” is back in full swing. In a quest for reefing motivation I turned to the Blue Lagoon, one of my favorite aquariums. This article was originally published on June 4, 2009–tanks this good never reach an expiration. I remember stumbling across the Blue Lagoon online. It was nearly […]

    The Hybrid Angel Is Still Thriving in Japan

    Here’s a photo update on the stunning Paracentropyge venusta x P. multifasciata hybrid, believed to be the only one of its kind in captivity. We first wrote about this particular fish back in 2008, shortly after Koji Wada of Blue Harbor received it. This is just the second time this Paracentropyge hybrid has entered the trade. The […]

    The Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid Craze Pt. 2

    This a continuation on purported “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthids“. See Part 1 here. “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid” Photos by David Hammontree Dr. Riemer’s information on the widespread range of these Zoanthus sansibaricus polyps combined with a little logic and legwork with USFWS  provides ample evidence why the overwhelming majority of these zoanthids are not from Japan. Why? Exporting live coral […]

    The Japanese Deepwater Zoanthid Craze Pt. 1

    We had corresponded a few times back and forth via e-mail. One or two messages later and I had the chance to talk with him on the phone–Skype to be more exact. I was admittedly hesitant to reach out to him on the chat client. His status read “University paperwork… grrr“. “Japanese Deepwater Zoanthids” Photos […]

    From: Blue Harbor To: Thailand | Cirrhilabrus earlei TRIO

    If you live in Asia, you’re lucky that Koji Wada’s Blue Harbor is just an overnight shipment away. Thai reefer Chingchai has taken advantage of this with his recent acquisition of not one, or two, but three Earle’s Fairy Wrasses (Cirrhilabrus earlei) that Koji recently got in. These fish were once occassionally available to American […]