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    Aqua Rei Photo Contest Shows Off Japanese Reef Hall of Fame

    Thinking of re-aquascaping your tank? A heavy dose of Japanese Reef inspiration awaits you below. From the Archives. This was originally posted in June 8th, 2009.  Aqua Rei, a LFS in Japan put on a Photo Contest for its customers to see who had the best aquarium of all. Fortunately for us it has been […]

    SplashSea Films the Rare Centropyge resplendens

    Japanese marine specialty store SplashSea, has recently uploaded this brief clip showing off the incredibly rare Resplendent Angelfish (Centropyge resplendens). Centropyge resplendens is so rarely seen due to its limited range. Endemic to Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic, the collection of this species is a logistical and legal nightmare. Every so often […]

    Reef News: Radioactive Seawater in Japan, ORA Yellowlines, Aquarium Specialty Facelift, Bucket O’ Queens

    Water samples taken near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have exhibited radioactive caesium levels 24.8 times the established limit (established by Japanese authorities)while Iodine-131 has been measured 126.7 times greater said limit. What does this mean for Japan’s reefs and ocean life? [via ZeroHedge and WSJ.] ORA yellowline gobies are now available. Not a new release, […]

    Blue Harbor’s 2011 Calendar Brings 12 Months of Eye Candy

    Blue Harbor, a popular fish store and rare fish Mecca in Japan, has just finalized their 2011 Calendar. On a recent visit to the U.S., Koji Wada was kind enough to give me a copy. [I must give a big thank you to LiveAquaria’s Kevin Kohen for shipping it.] Including in the calendar is the […]

    Peppermint Angelfish Captured on Video

    This is currently the only publicly available video, of the one living Peppermint Angelfish (Paracentropyge boylei). The clip was taken by the rightful owner of the fish, Mr. Uragami of Nagoya, Japan. We thank him for sharing his highly prized Angel. Little has changed with this aquarium. That alone is likely a driver of this […]

    New World Transparent Specimens Turns Preservation Into Modern Art

    New World Transparent Specimens is the latest work from Japanese artist Iori Tomita. Using a method that dissolves an animals natural proteins, Tomita is able to preserve these deceased animals with striking detail–highlighting the finest and most delicate skeleton structures. To further enhance the visual appeal of these ornate skeletons, Tomita selectively injects different colored […]