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    Nature Finds A Way, Pterois Volitans in Summerland Key

    Reader, and owner of Atlantic Reef Aquaculture, Dave Lackland recently caught a marine species he had hoped to never see in his own backyard. This little guy was found in Summerland Key, Florida; approximately 20 miles east of Key West. The species if of course Pterois volitans, the now invasive Lionfish. This juvenile was just at […]

    Caribbean Territories Receive Grant to Aid in Eliminating Invasive Lionfish Species

    As a surprising, yet well reported trend, invasive species appear to be popping up around the globe in habitats they were never naturally found.  Here in the US, one of the recent concerns involves the Pterois species lionfish, namely Pterois volitans. This species has purportedly been sustaining itself in Caribbean waters since sometime in the 1990’s, and […]