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    House of Fins’ 53rd SPLASH Event Had the Goods

    House of Fins hosted their 53rd Anniversary Splash event this weekend, with ample exotic livestock and a terrific line up speakers including marine pro Scott Michael. There were plenty of show stoppers in the rare fish category. Juvenile Wrought Iron Butterflyfish were specially brought in for the event (as we hinted at…), as was the […]

    Prognathodes guyanensis Collected in FL, Shown Off at House of Fins

    Rare fish nuts and Chaetodon fans will be happy to hear that Prognathodes guyanensis has recently been collected along with a handful of Bank’s Butterflyfish (Prognathodes aya). These deepwater Caribbean / Atlantic species typically get sent to Japan where they retail for $500 to over $1,500 USD. This time they are staying in the US […]