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    Reef Octopus Skimmer Cleaner Says Me Too

    Reef Octopus (Honya) is another manufacturer that will soon be selling an automated skimmer cleaner a la the original Aqua Driver SkimClean. Besides the estimated price tag, this economy model is different in that it does not appear to have the built in spray down that the AquaDriver has. We’re also unsure how easy it […]

    Super Reef Octopus Skimmers Get Bubble Blaster Pump

    via DesignandReef We showed you the Bubble Blaster and Water Blaster pumps made by Honya, manufacturer of the Octopus line back in March. Despite the intial hesitation regarding the pump’s price (initially thought to be near $200) the laguna-like design has been seen in parts of Asia, most recently at Aquarama in Singapore–where Marlon of […]

    China goes OEM with New Laguna like Aquarium Pump

    With the recent popularity of Laguna pumps for both skimmer and flow applications, it was only a matter of time until another manufacturer took notes and created their own. But how similar is too similar? Here is Honya’s take on the Laguna line. If you are asking yourself who is Honya? odds are you have seen their […]