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    Rare Odontanthias fuscipinnis Staying in U.S.

    The Odontanthias fuscipinnis (syn. Holanthias fuscipinnis) anthias is one of many serious reefkeepers dreams. For those here in the US, it has always been bittersweet. Collected in the deep waters of one of our own states, Hawaii, these fish  are seemingly always shuffled off to Japan or Southeast Asia for a better market value. Thanks to […]

    Holanthias borbonius Enter from Bali, Juveniles Expected

    This past Saturday was the vernal equinox, kicking off spring for us in the Northern hemisphere. With Spring comes an influx of juvenile and often rare fish–one of which is the always in demand Holanthias borbonius. Large adult specimens have recently made their way to retailers via Bali, but expect juveniles to arrive in the next few weeks. Check out this HD video of an early juvenile Borb.

    Anthias at the Sea Food Market?

    Wonderfish Aquarium, a fish store in Australia, had a customer send them photos of what they believed were Anthias being sold at a Sea Food Market. Not only are they Anthias, they are the beautiful deepwater Holanthias borbonius! Commonly called “Borbs”, just a couple years back, some of the first came to the U.S. and retailed […]