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    The Vibrant Candycane Goby (Trimma cana)

    Just 5 years ago small marine gobies of the Trimma genus were a rare sight in the industry. Long ignored by both collectors and hobbyists it hasĀ been fairly recentĀ that these small, inquisitive fishes have become available on a regular basis. One such species, is the red stripped or candycane goby (Trimma cana). T. canna posing […]

    The Enchanting Whitecap Goby, Lotilia graciliosa

    If you’ve inquired about the Whitecap Goby Lotilia graciliosa, odds are you’ve been told it’s unavailable. Here is some hope–a few landed in Japan last month, but there is some confusion as to where exactly they came from. Some Japanese aquarists are saying Cebu? A few collectors in Cebu have been collecting some very unique […]