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    Fauna Marin Rebrands GHL Doser, Replacement Confusion Ensues

    Looks it’s GHL’s Fauna Marin’s new Dosing Pump. Yes this looks to be just rebranded, the original being the robust GHL Standalone Doser. What this really achieves, we’re not sure. GHL’s presence across the globe is arguably larger, but we suppose this will allow Fauna Marin to better package these dosers with their salts. There’s […]

    GHL / Profilux Powerbar Brings Intensity and Power Control to T5s and AC Pumps

    GHL/Profilux has released their new Dimmable Powerbar for the Profilux Controller. The $174USD powerbar works with the controller via a 0-10v port to manipulate the electric coming from your outlet for AC devices. The real target will be T5 users looking for dimming capabilities, a rare commodity because North American (120v / 60hz) DALI T5 ballasts […]

    Profilux Rolling Out New Additions

    Matthias Gross and the GHL/Profilux team have been busy over the past year conjuring up new additions to push the Profilux Controller into new territory. The first new addition is a simple, but nice feature–a waterproof outdoor grade controller. The Profulux II Outdoor will be available this April in a new waterproof housing and a water protected […]