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    New Tunze 6095 Coming Soon

    The Tunze 6095 Nanostream shares many stats [including dimensions] with the 6055, but has received a 4,500 l/h bump in performance. The 6095 Nanostream is capable of moving 10,000 l/h (2,640 gph) at just 20w of electrical consumption. The new design, coupled with last year’s improved vibration / noise dampening C-clamps, will surely be a popular item… just expect some wait time. Recent talks puts the 6095 on a fall release and a sub $300 price tag.

    Modern German Reef Install… Reef Addict’s Dream?

    The photos below are from Claude Schuhmacher of Fauna Marin, showing a stunning home in Germany that houses numerous saltwater aquariums… that are all plumbed to the basement with typical German neatness. (This is the type of client that aquarium maintenance workers dream of!) The home is beautiful, and has given me some ideas for the […]

    New Royal Exclusiv & Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer – Intro Pricing and More Photos!

    Is this a Bubble King cone skimmer? Not exactly. As we said before, Royal Exclusiv is a maker of “all types” of skimmers only this time they have teamed up with Vertex Aquaristik to create the  new Royal Exclusiv-Vertex Alpha Cone Skimmer. Shown below are the 4 different vacuum-thermoformed cones that will be used on […]