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    Juvi Personatus Grows Up Quick in Japanese SPS Reef

    Remember that tiny juvenile Genicanthus personatus that was collected back in 2010 by Rufus Kimura? Fast forward to this video taken at the start of this month, and you can see that baby has grown into a meaty Genicanthus in a maturing SPS reef. It’s unfortunate that two of the three Bandit Angels in this […]

    Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Captured On Film

    This Genicanthus personatus is one of the smallest ever collected and will go down as one the most impressive Angelfish for many years to come. As we reported earlier, this fish was collected by Rufus Kimura at extreme depths in the waters of Hawaii. It was offered for sale in the United States, but as […]

    Tiny 2cm Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Collected!

    Over the weeked I got word rebreather pro Rufus Kimura would be making some deep dives in hope of catching a Masked Angel. I woke this morning to an e-mail from Rufus confirming the tiny catch, and a video he took of the pint sized Masked Angel. At just over 2 cm, this is believed to […]

    UPDATED: Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Spotted, Collection Attempt to be Made

    Genicanthus personatus in a Japanese reef tank. Photo © Koji Wada Among a small group of die hard Angelfish fans and skilled divers in Hawaii, there is a known location where the endemic Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) can occasionally be seen. Glassbox has gotten word that multiple juvenile Genicanthus personatus angels have recently been spotted […]

    Genicanthus personatus video : From Spawning to Post-meta

    The MOFIB crew has shared a must see video, created by Dr. Bruce Carlson that pieces together the rearing attempts of the only captive bred Genicanthus personatus at the Waikiki Aquarium. Karen Britain is the one who successfully reared the juvenile “Geni Babe” shown above which was quickly sold to Japan. This was and still […]

    Catching up with the Personatus Pair

    A few months ago we shared with you the exciting pair of Genicanthus personatus that were collected and sent to B-Box–a popular and well known aquarium store in Japan. Commonly known as the Masked Angelfish, this species is endemic to the Hawaiian and Northwestern Islands. At the main Hawaiian Islands this species is rarely seen […]