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    Wii Reef Swap…What?!

    I got an e-mail today from a friend who thought I’d get a kick out of this craigslist posting: Wanting to trade my saltwater system for a Wii system. The saltwater tank is a full system all you would need is corals and fish I will even help you setup the system at your house. […]

    TLF Rolls Out Funny & Suggestive Ad

    Bringing sexual innuendoes to a new level, Two Little Fishies has created this ad for their new Ph-Balanceā„¢Ā Supplement. Thankfully we don’t have any Ph suppression issues, but I hear those Calcium Reactor users….Click the Ad to enlarge! Two thumbs up to Julian and TLF crew for one humorous ad! Via JJ @ MD

    Is it that bad? Man Steals Shark & Uses Stolen CC on Eel at LFS!

    A 30 year old man from Franklin Square, N.Y. has been charged with grand and petit larceny after stealing a live $350 Shark and using a stolen credit card to purchase an eel at Total Aquarium in Lynbrook NY. The thief does have some skills, he managed to smuggle a live shark out of the […]