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    New Elos Evision Controller With Internet Interface

    After a few years of work the Elos Evision controller and accessories are ready for the limelight. The high gloss Elos Evision control center offers a color touch screen in a rectangular form factor. For the Evision, Elos has taken a modular approach with offerings which include: Clima – Evision temperature module Tempo – Evision […]

    Elos Upates Online Lighting Portfolio

    Elos USA has updated their fresh website with high resolution photos and full details of their entire 2010 LED line up–including their dreamy E-Lite Color and sleek AquaTop. This is the most creative and elegant LED lighting line to hit the market. Check it out at ELOS USA.

    Pricing and Availability Update on the New Elos MIDI

    Elos USA has provided an update on their much anticipated Elos MIDI aquarium, and the new low profile AquaTop LED light. In summary the MIDI with the E-lite XP will cost you $2,499 (same cost until September if you opt for dual Aquatop E-Stripe 60). This pricing comes right in the $2100 – $2,600 range […]

    First Photos of Elos PO4 Expert Line Chart

    You’re looking at the first image of the finalized Elos Expert Line Phosphate (PO4) Test Kit “resolution chart”. The colorimetric based kit  [h/t Sev] uses two test tubes, one of which is a control, that are slid into the simple foam folder. To find the actual measurement the user then looks directly down the tubes […]

    Elos Osmocontroller Digital Arriving Soon

    The new Elos Osmocontroller Digital was unveiled months back at InterZoo; keeping to their delivery timelines, Elos now expects a small shipment of these to hit retailers in the next couple weeks, with more arriving in September. The new Osmocontroller Digital will be replacing the popular Elos Osmocontroller II, which has been the de facto […]

    Elos Pro Coral: A New Way to Spot Feed

    At this past InterZoo, the new Elos Pro Coral food was a unique, but little talked about product release. Pro Coral is a new coral specific food designed for target or spot feeding, while keeping waste to a minimum. Rather than squirting a mixture of mysis or chopped seafood at your favorite Acan or Scoly […]